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Connecting You With Loft Apartments for Rent in Dunlap IL

Loft Apartments for Rent in Dunlap ILIf you are looking at loft apartments in and around Dunlap, you’ve come to the right place. We are nhs Property Management and we can help you find the perfect place to call home. Many people like the look and feel of a loft apartment, which features a large, open space without any internal walls except for the bathroom. These types of apartments, although now zoned for residential use, started out being commercial or light industrial spaces. That’s where the high ceilings and exposed ductwork come in. Open floor plans are great for singles and couples, or even for very small families. Trust us to connect with you clean, comfortable rentals, thanks to our many years in the real estate business. nhs Property Management Inc. caters to both owners and tenants. When you need to want to take a look at loft apartments for rent in Dunlap IL, nhs Property Management should be your first destination.

Premier Properties

Loft Apartments for Rent in Dunlap ILBut don’t just take our word for it. Check out our properties online now to see which loft apartment gels with your budget and needs best. NHS has access to some of the best loft rentals in the city. We can hook up families, couples, singles and landlords. With us, you can trust our skilled service, experience and affordability.

Our history began many years ago when our first foray into the business was the management of a 12-unit apartment building. Fast forward to today, when we manage 1,400 residential units, 98,000 square feet of office and retail space, and 26,000 square feet of warehouse space! We have a desire to please our clients every single day. Built on the leadership of President Allan Herman and Vice President Jeffrey Symmonds, we are leaders in the local real estate market, spanning from Dunlap to East Peoria and Peoria.

Contact Us for Loft Apartments for Rent in Dunlap IL

Looking for the open feel of loft apartments for rent in Dunlap IL? Call nhs Property Management Inc. today at 309-689-1700 or try our Rental Hotline: 309-306-7076. Alternatively, fill out our online form for your convenience.